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Our complete selection of Reflections.

If you have a particular mirror in mind, we probably have it in stock. Redman Mirror Studio has a very wide range of mirrors in every colour, shape and style. Whatever statement you want to make, in whatever space, we’ll help you say it with glass.

Redman Mirror Studio can meet all your mirror needs. We stock the widest range of pre-made mirrors, and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create a tailor-made solution for you in our workshops.

There are as many kinds of mirror as there are walls to hang them on, and we’ve carefully chosen the mirrors in our collection to reflect contemporary interior design ideas, as well as some more classic styles. Small or large, round, oval or rectangular, our mirrors always fit the bill and they’ve all been expertly made.

One of the main reasons that mirrors exist, is to help us see just how stylish we’re looking. But mirrors have their own style, too, and ours all look wonderful even when you’re not standing in front of them. Whether your home is modern or traditional, contemporary or quirky, talk to us about your mirror needs.

We also offer a custom creations service, making bespoke mirrors to order. Specify the size you need, and the frame type and colour, and we’ll do the rest – including delivery and expert installation. It’s the ideal way to get a mirror that’s as unique as you are.



Whatever colours you have in your mind, with our painted frame mirrors, you’ll see them shine.
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People come in many different shapes and sizes – just like our mirrors. We love getting into shapes!
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One thing is for sure: our mirrors will never go out of style. Beautiful homes deserve beautiful mirrors.
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Our custom creations let you express yourself, and give our craftsmen the chance to show off their creative skills.
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Mirror Décor and Care Tips

Check out our handy guides to mirror placement and mirror care. We’re also the right people to call if you’re in the market for a replacement mirror.



Check out our handy guides to mirror placement and mirror care. We’re also the right people to call if you’re in the market for a replacement mirror.

  • Use mirrors to add a polished touch to your interior design.
  • Use dramatic mirror designs to make a statement.
  • Place mirrors adjacent to each other to maximise the sense of space.
  • Use mirrored panels to infuse your home with light.
  • In smaller spaces, mirrors can amplify light and space.
  • Create symmetry and infinity with mirrors placed opposite each other.
  • Incorporate mirrors into furniture for unusual effects and practical benefits.
  • Surprise your guests with reflections from cleverly positioned mirrors.


So they always look their best.

  • The best way to clean your Redman mirror is with warm water and a soft, clean cloth.
  • You can also use an approved glass cleaner.
  • Don’t allow the edges of your mirror to remain wet.
  • Never use solvents, abrasives or any tools on your mirror, or you risk scratching it.
  • Never spray cleaning chemicals directly onto your mirror, but rather use a soft cloth to apply them.
  • Treat your mirror with as much care as you treat your face, and you’ll retain long-lasting beauty in both.

The more reflective you are, the more effective you are.

If you’re looking for a talking point or a focal point, talk to us for ideas on including mirrors in your home décor scheme.

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