Welcome to Redman Mirror Studio

Whether you’re looking to illuminate or duplicate, we’ll help you appreciate what you have – whether it’s your good looks or the stylish décor of your home or business. A mirror from Redman Mirror Studio can reflect your face or your space, and show them both off to their best advantage.

People have been fascinated by mirrors for millennia. There’s something about reflections that make it hard to look away – whether it’s a line of zebra at a waterhole, or a peek into the infinity created by mirrors placed opposite each other.

At Redman Mirror Studio, this is something we’ve reflected on, and our conclusion is that everyone needs better mirrors in their lives. Whether your needs are cosmetic or practical, decorative or whimsical, we can supply a mirror that perfectly reflects who you are.

We can also make-up your perfect mirror from scratch – for your bathroom, bedroom, or just to create the illusion of extra room. Our custom creation mirrors are designed to your exact specifications, and delivered and installed by our expert glaziers.

Our Services

Redman Mirror Studio offers a complete service from design and manufacture to delivery and installation. If you can see it in your mind’s eye, we can create it.

Quality Manufacturing

Our skilled craftsmen ensure that every Redman mirror reflects perfectly, and will give you many years of good looks.

Attention to Detail

Bevelled or plain edges, round, oval or square – we make sure each Redman mirror is precision-made for your viewing pleasure.

Custom Designs

No two homes are the same, so why buy a mirror off the shelf when you can commission one that’s off the wall?

Careful Delivery

Everyone gets tired, but no-one wants to be shattered. In over 7 years of delivering mirrors, we’ve not a moment’s bad luck.


Mirror, mirror, please stay on the wall… Every Redman mirror is placed exactly where you want it, securely and with no mess.

Quick Turnaround Time

If you’ve ever glanced back at your own perfect reflection, you know all about turnaround. It’s something we pride ourselves on at Redman.


Our Mission

To design, create and install cutting-edge mirrors that fit perfectly with classic styling and contemporary décor trends. To help people amplify their lives and duplicate what they love with world-class mirrors that reflect everything that’s magical about their world.

Our Vision

Our vision is entirely aligned with yours. We see a world in which mirrors add beauty, light and a little mystery to everyday moments and special occasions. Where people can see themselves for who they really are, and love what they see.


Look in the mirror - that’s your competition.

Beauty is everywhere – just look in your Redman mirror if you don’t believe us. See what we mean?

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